Orchestra Alumni

Preliminary List (in alphabetical order) — As we continue to develop our SF Ballet Orchestra Alumni page, we’d like to thank those of you who have helped us add the names of any alumni who were previously missing from this list.  Keep ’em coming!  You can email us through our contact page, or send us a message on Facebook.

Joseph Alessi (Trombone)

Ricardo Amador (First Violin, extra)

Janet Arms (2nd Flute/Piccolo)

William Banovetz (Principal Oboe)

David Bartolotta (2nd Bassoon/Contrabassoon)

Susan Bates (Viola)

Carey Bell (Principal Clarinet)

Deborah Bellamy (Violin, extra)

Michelle Burr (Double Bass, extra)

Darien Cande (Viola, extra)

Bennie Cottone (2nd Oboe-English Horn, extra)

Marcella DeCray (Principal Harp)

Ellen Dessler (Cello)

Adrienne Duckworth (Second Violin, extra)

James Dukey (2nd Clarinet/Bass Clarinet)

Mimi Dye (Associate Principal Viola)

Richard Eade (Principal Cello)

Judiyaba (Cello, extra)

David Kadarauch (Principal Cello)

Janet Ketchum (Principal Flute)

Leonore Kish (Viola)

Jeffrey Levine (Principal Double Bass)

Yehudit Lieberman (Second Violin)

Roy Malan (Concertmaster) – 1975 to 2015

Janice McIntosh (Associate Concertmaster)

Charles Metzger (Principal Trumpet)

Danny Montora (Timpani)

Margaret Moore (Cello)

Donald O’Brien (Principal Clarinet)

Gerry Pagano (Principal Bass Trombone)

Ruggiero Pelosi (Second Violin)

Lisa Pratt (Second Violin)

Randall Pratt (Principal Harp)

Olga Rakitchenkov (Principal Harp, extra)

Tom Rose (Clarinet, extra/Personnel Manager)

Mitchell Ross (Principal Trombone)

Bill Rusconi (First Violin, extra)

Jim Shallenberger (Second Violin, extra)

Philip Shoptaugh (Principal Trumpet)

Marty Simonds (First Violin)

Dan Smiley (First Violin, extra)

Pamela Smith Langford (2nd Oboe)

David Sprung (Principal Horn)

Adrian Stenzen (Associate Principal Viola) – 1975 to 2005

Nancy Stenzen (Associate Principal Cello) – 1975 to 2005

Terri Sternberg (First Violin)

Ruth Sudmeier Freeman (Principal Viola)

Sara Usher ( Second Violin)

Susan Waller (2nd Flute, extra)

Liang Wang (Principal Oboe)

Woody Williamson (Principal Bass Trombone)